An Exhibition of my work is being held in my Studio and Garden as part of Somerset Art Weeks, an open event running daily from 18th September – 3rd October, 11-6.

I will also be offering Wire Workshops each Sunday, 12-1 (£5 pp incl.) Booking advisable.

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Workshop at Ginger Fig Gallery

Yesterday I ran another workshop at Ginger Fig Gallery, Bath Place, Taunton – one of a series planned for this year.  It’s a lovely creative environment, which really helps the design and make process.  Participants produced some beautiful pieces which could easily have been left in the Gallery to sell!  See images below:

To book a place on the next workshop in November, telephone: 01823 326798

Binham Grange – Old Cleeve, Minehead

When I first visited Binham Grange last week – the day I set up my work for the ‘Summer Art Show‘ (14 – 28th Aug) – I wondered why I’d neglected this part of Somerset for so long.  It really is staggeringly beautiful!  The drive towards Minehead has some incredible views of the sea and bay.   Whilst there, I took my son to see the Red Arrows which happened to be doing a dramatic display over the beach – just amazing!  The Private View on Friday 13th – a round trip of 3 hours for me to get there after a busy day running workshops and making sculpture at Carymoor Environmental Centre – was also worth it just for the extraordinary scenic views!  Half way through, the sun was interrupted by a rainstorm and two rainbows which swept over our Exhibition and ended in a deep red sunset!  Plenty of visitors attended and hopefully the work by a mix of  18 Somerset artists will be appreciated during the fortnight’s show, which I think looks fabulous!  A mixed media exhibition, it’s set in the beautiful grounds of Binham Grange and spills out into three barns, which have been renovated by the artists specially for the show.

Workshops by artists are running daily to coincide with the show.  My wire workshop is on Tuesday 24th August 10.30 – 4.30 (£12 pp. incl.)    To book a place please call:  01984 624544 / 623357

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Now working on a series of tadpole forms (aprx 40cms each) which will eventually interconnect with various wires and thin copper sheet, whilst my son is on holiday with me.  I have a few other work commitments (such as Carymoor – see link) but I can make the tadpoles intermittently, day or evening.  The idea arose in spring when my pond was writhing with life: eggs, tadpoles and frogs – all threaded in and out of the blanket weed and lily pads.  Watching tadpoles reminds me of carefree days as a child, and I remain fascinated by the magic of their transformation.

Many events seem to follow this same ‘network of threads’ theme.  Some interconnecting circumstances make me feel very much part of the greater scheme.  Last year I was commissioned to make a Bumblebee sculpture as a surprise anniversary present for a beekeeper.  Now the same lady, Christina, has taken part in designing the site-specific sculpture with me at Carymoor Environmental Centre, based on dragonfly metamorphosis.  A series of unforeseen events led to this happening, yet it seems such a neat twist of fate!

My concerns about whether I was using enough recycled materials for the Carymoor sculpture project were also coincidentally put to rest.  Whilst browsing on the net I came across another wire artist Elizabeth Berrien’s site.  She states:  “Wire Sculpture is about as green and environmentally responsible as metal art can get.  Artists who make airy, open-work wire sculptures from copper, aluminium or steel wire consume less than 1% of the materials of solid metal art, creating substantial works of art from tiny amounts of wire.  When wire sculptures are fabricated via “cold-formed” techniques, with all joinery performed by hand, the wire art becomes even greener, since welding equipment is not involved, no harmful chemical emissions are released.”  Even better then, when a lot of the wire is itself recycled!  Sorted!