Is it worth it?!

This morning I woke up early with thoughts of yesterday’s madness – having intended to have a LONG lie-in, after a very busy week.  I ache all over from carrying steel and wire sculptures and slate/stone slabs (for plinths) all day.  And from the efforts of a week-long challenge to complete a whole list of work successfully.   I completed my new Large Cocoon.

Wednesday was a 6am start and 9pm finish, with a wire workshop all day in Preston School, Yeovil (lovely children) and after school art class I run back in Cranmore, followed by various errands in preparation for the Blackmore Farm Exhibition.   On Thursday I flopped to sleep at midnight – my sculptures finally finished, price labels etc done (and son ferried to and fro Judo Club/school).  And Friday is now just a haze of endless loading, unloading, installing and racing to meet the 6pm Private View deadline.  Crumbly walls made things tough, but with the help and support of fellow artists (eg:  Alison, Nic, Angie, Jim and Mel) it all came together in time! It’s so nice to work together and have that network of support and camaraderie.

Talking to other artists at Blackmore Farm, snippets of conversation included: “Is it worth it?!”; “Why do we do it?!”; “It’s 24/7”; “You can recognize a full-time artist – they’re always broke!” and so on…  But we continue on our mission like ants.  We need and have to do it.  There is something incredibly stimulating, invigorating, exciting, on the edge (or on edge!), at the heart, of the soul, a connection with the root of life spurring us on.

This morning, although shattered, I feel a great sense of achievement and wonderment – even if I sell nothing – and so, yes, it is worth it… but I’m having a few hours off today!


Several months have passed since Stourhead (National Trust Estate, Wiltshire) first raised the possibility of me creating some sculptures for a group trail at Stourhead entitled ‘Beyond the Garden Gate’.  Various site visits, meetings, designs and much discussion have finally led to our group of four creating an initial concept for the collaborative Circular Sculpture Trail – to be exhibited in September ’11, which has now been given the go ahead.   All very exciting!   We decided it would be fun to have a brand name and this week ‘Scraptors’ came into being – based on our dedication to working with scrap. Please view our new blog page for details about our ventures: