Insects for Springfield Park, Kidderminster

I had a brilliant few days in Springfield Park, Kidderminster, making 2 large steel and wire insect sculptures with public participation.  Wyre Forest District Council commissioned me to make a Water Boatman and Dragonfly for permanent installation in their lovely Park.  The Dragonfly will be mounted on a very tall chimney called the Stack, and Water Boatman will ‘float’ on top of the large pond.

All ages turned up – from 4 years old upwards – on a drop-in basis to add their mark to each sculpture.  With the help of demos, over 50 participants in total helped to construct and weave wire parts for sections of each body.  Natalie – a helper from the Council – gave fantastic support throughout – her artistic talents an obvious benefit. We were very lucky that the weather held out most of the time.

The insects will be finished off by me in my studio, ready for installation in early October.

A slight downside to the week was when someone collided into my truck on the way home and I now have transport/insurance issues to contend with.  Oh well… such is life…

Summer Exhibition and Sculpture Garden, Binham Grange

We are holding our annual Gallery4Art Binham Grange Exhibition over three weeks in August and it promises to be even bigger and better with wonderful art in fabulous surroundings and an extensive workshop programme.  Try to make it if you can!  See the flyer below:



Back is broken

I had probably over-booked myself for this past month.  Looking towards July, I dared not envisage the potential horrors of meeting so many deadlines, doing a good job, juggling work and home life… and surviving!

It’s certainly been a challenge.  My health has suffered a bit.  But a lot has been achieved and I won a prize along the way (Summer Show, Atkinson Gallery, Street)!  I really did think I’d broken my back (or near enough) at the end of last Friday’s stint at the Larmer Tree Festival, when Elaine (friend & helper) and I completed decorating my Chameleon sculpture with bottle tops – having worked on it all day with loads of kind, enthusiastic, hard-working adult participants, as part of the ‘Adornable Art’ drop-in workshops.  It was the culmination of a hectic week/fortnight/month for me, and we staggered away relieved, joyful, but on the verge of collapse!

Yesterday, after collecting Chameleon at the end of the Larmer Tree Festival, I took it to its next destination – the Devon Recycled Sculpture TRAIL – installing it in my favourite spot on Teignmouth seafront, with a view of the pier and sea.  My giant recycled Spider had pride of place there last year and I think Chameleon will be happy crouching there for the Summer.  My son and dog came with me and it felt like a mini break – walking along the seafront, collecting huge swathes of seaweed, flotsam and jetsam and breathing the sea air.

Several Exhibitions and Trails featuring my work are now ongoing or starting soon:  Blue Cedar Gallery, Glastonbury ’til end July;  Summer Show, Atkinson Gallery, Millfield, Street ’til 13 Aug;  Gants Mill, Bruton ’til end Aug; Devon Recycled Sculpture TRAIL, Teignmouth seafront ’til end Aug; Binham Grange Summer Exhibition, Minehead 6-29 Aug;  Sculpture Trail at Stourhead National Trust Estate, Wiltshire 1-30 Sept;  SAW at Stoberry Park, Wells 18 Sept-2 Oct;  Quartz Art Exhibition, Taunton 28 Sept – 6 Oct.

I have some exciting commission work next week in Kidderminster, creating two large insect sculptures with public participation.  It will mean a fair amount of commuting each day, but I feel I’ve broken the back of a gigantic dinosaur month!






PS  Had some great feedback from Larmer Tree:

 “…I think this was everyone’s fave WS – they all loved it and couldn’t stop talking about – I kept hearing about it on the grapevine, and when I saw it in situ it looked FANTASTIC – I was so, so pleased to see how well it all worked out, it’s one of the most impressive pieces of Adornable Art we’ve had in ages, so many thanks for that!”

Re-visiting Stourhead

The Scraptors returned to Stourhead this week for a meeting about our forthcoming Trail at Stourhead National Trust Estate (“Beyond the Garden Gate”, Sept ’11).  It also gave us a chance to re-visit the Trail site and try out the Chameleon and Eye (both unfinished) on their proposed fallen tree.  Quite a feat as the trunk is raised up and there’s a long drop down to the lake!  





We all went on to another meeting elsewhere afterwards, regarding a very exciting future Trail we may be involved in…. watch this space!