Bulbous Anthills on Spikes

Just read a good blog about how to blog and realised I’ve been neglectful of my own…  I also have a lot to learn about blogging!  So,  just a quick update on what’s happening.  November’s a strange month and for me it’s been a juggling act of keeping my son happy over half-term and his birthday, planning new Trails, seeing old friends, teaching/running workshops (did one this week at Southmead Hospital for staff as part of their Fresh Arts programme), completing commissions, updating my website, installing work (my Heron sculpture’s got a new home) and now about to embark on a fresh piece of work tomorrow, which will hopefully feature in our next Scraptors‘ Trail.  Tomorrow is indeed the dawn of a new era as the work will be my first offering for our planned ‘Scraptorzoic Era’ in a huge local disused Quarry.  More news as it develops… but here’s a drawing for my Bulbous Anthills on Spikes: