Walcot Chapel Residency

Finally completed my piece for the Walcot Chapel MA residency after a week making and installing.  There’s lots of other work too – come along tomorrow 6-8pm for our Open Eve!

Interconnectedness of all things DSC_0060 WalcotChapelOpenEvening

For more information about my MA work visit: fionacampbellblog

Egg Sacs and Louise Bourgeois

Eggs on wire grid drawing

The arrival of Louise Bourgeois’ exhibition at Hauser & Wirth, Somerset, coincided with the first weeks on my MA course.  I had been looking forward to visiting her show, being a huge fan.  A few days before, I had been looking at my collection of ‘finds’ (all sorts of natural phenomena) for inspiration.  A dried up fish swim bladder and a sponge-like form found on the beach grabbed me as starting points.  I want to investigate similar forms in nature, sometimes micro in scale – their form and function.  I’m also interested in drawing more – whatever shape that takes – 3-d and 2-d.

Bourgeois’ work struck a chord.  Of course I love her Maman Spider, crouched eerily, over-powering the first barn.  I was hoping for more sculpture, but strangely it was her etched drawings of plant forms, bodily parts and egg clusters that fascinated me most. Largescale and awkwardly drawn, they have real emotion, enhanced by repetition.

Her forms resonated with my ‘finds’.   I have since looked up my sponge-like object on the internet.  It seems to be whelk egg sacs!  Serendipity, though not so surprising that I was drawn to Bourgeois’ seductive egg sacs.   So I have been drawing the sacs with a view to creating 3-d pieces (drawings?) with wire, paper pulp, fibres and other mixed media based on them.  Relic of little lives, now entered into the greater cycle.

Whelk egg sacsLouise Bourgeois Swaying 2006

Secret Swans

I am currently working on a new piece for Black Swan’s Secret Swans Art Trail.

In celebration of the Black Swan Art Centre’s 30th anniversary, the Trail will be part of Frome Festival and Open Studios, running from 1-10th July.  A free event, it involves 30 swan-themed artworks in various media and styles.  Sculpture, drawing, textiles, ceramics, light and other surprising forms will be on display at venues around Frome, such as shops, cafes, public buildings and outdoor locations.  An opportunity for families, art lovers, school groups and adventurers to discover and buy intriguing collectable pieces by selected artists, ranging from silver jewellery, etched and linocut prints to large willow, steel and glass garden pieces.  Visitors can make secret auction bids for the work at each trail venue and the winning bidders will be notified at the end of the festival.  Badges will also be available for everyone who identifies all 30 artworks and there will be the opportunity to enter a prize draw at the Black Swan.  Artists involved include Tessa Farmer, Edgar Phillips, Ian Marlow, Bronwen Bradshaw, Chris Lee, Alicia Merrett, Nina Gronw-Lewis, me, Nigel Evans, Caroline Walsh-Waring and Angela Morley.   I will also be working with pupils from All Hallows School on a group wire piece for one of the trail artworks.   
The Secret Swans Trail hopes to raise much-needed funds – sales being split between the artists and Black Swan. Trail leaflets will be available from Black Swan and Frome library during the festival.  Organiser Nick Weaver says: ”It’s been wonderful to see the variety of interpretations of the swan theme and the quality of work by some great artists.  Visitors are in for a treat!
Hope you can come and visit!
Secret Swans poster

Last thoughts in 2012 – The Mayan Word

I stumbled across this film about the Mayans’ ancient prophesy and was moved by it:  2012 – The Mayan Word.  Their prophesy is not so much to do with the end of the world, but the start of a new era from December 2012 on.  I like their view of time being cyclical.  The film contains some potent footage which must strike a chord within us all – despite our differing cultures and religions.  A plea for the ‘triumph of the human spirit over forces of darkness’… ‘we are digging our own graves…’ Recent ‘natural disasters are man-made’.. Autonomy rather than oppression.. ‘All join forces to regain our ancient wisdom’..  ‘Live a simpler life..’ ‘..unite’ as a ‘collective consciousness’ to ‘transform so that the positive prevails’… Time for a rebirth.

I made this piece at the start of this year, entitled ‘New Beginnings’.  This month I sold one of the eggs with tentacles to a good friend, who is painting a mammoth series about the Book of Revelation.   It certainly seems to be a critical time right now.  Time for some meaningful resolutions.  Along these lines, ideas of cycles, renewal and rebirth in my work are flourishing.  I hope to present these in a Solo ‘Love, Loss and Renewal’ in 2013.

Here’s to our New Era 🙂

Hip Hawker Kiosk

Over the weekend I was kept busy at a collaborative artist workshop organised by Somerset Art Works, entitled Hip Hawker Kiosk.  International artists Lisa Cheung and Sammy Delgado Escobar worked alongside a few Somerset-based artists being creative with found and recycled materials.  The challenge was to design and build an inventive, mobile, expandable kiosk, Hip Hawker, to ingeniously exhibit the range of creations collectively produced during a collaborative art project, Café Konvertible, completed last year.

It was so good to work with others on a joint project, sparking off ideas together, sharing and exploring other skills with mixed media and making something a bit different for Taunton library visitors – on show 11-29 December. I was very pleased that we managed to utilise a couple of old, broken umbrellas I took in.  The work illustrates just how creative one can be with ordinary, everyday objects. See full Hip Hawker album and images below:

Massive to miniscule

With Christmas coming up soon, I’ve been making a few smaller pieces on request – more suited to pockets and budgets for the pressie season.  Makes a change to the large, heavy duty work I was doing earlier in the year and it has given me a much needed break and thinking time.  Ideas are flowing for a new series of more challenging work, which will be posted when more concrete.