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Wildlife Artist of the Year Award ’09

Somerset Life Magazine article 2009:

garden beet – Sculptures for Gardens

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Somerset Life – Carymoor Environmental Sculpture Project 2010

Mendip Times – Carymoor Environmental Sculpture Project 2010

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Spaeda – featured school project

Wincanton Window – Art for Life – Sustainable Sculptures in Historic Venues (2011)

Central Somerset Gazette – Scraptors at Pylle scrapyard (’11):

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Period Living article – Salvo Fair 2011

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Chronicle front page – Stackpool, Kidderminster – Community Insect Sculpture Project:

This is Somerset – Somerset Art Weeks 2011

Somerset Life Magazine – Art in the Garden, Somerset Art Weeks

Thinly Spread blog – Scraptors Stourhead Sculpture Trail ’11

This is Somerset – Stourhead Sculpture Trail ‘Beyond the Garden Gate’ ’11

Wincanton Window – Stourhead Sculpture Trail ’11


Looking back at 2011 and forward to 2012

Looking back at 2011, it’s been a busy, hard-working year and despite the financial slump I’ve survived and been involved in various fresh, exciting creative ventures.  Had some great Exhibitions with other inspiring artists (eg: ‘Mystery and Mutability’ alongside Kitty Hillier, Bridgwater Arts Centre & Gallery4Art’s Binham Grange Summer Art Show, Minehead); founded the ‘Scraptors‘ with Paul Boswell, Rachel Macleay & Anthony Wilson – creating our first Scraptors Sculpture Trail at Stourhead National Trust Gardens, Wiltshire; completed several interesting commissions – some with community participation (eg: Insects at Stackpool Park, Kidderminster); awarded a prize for Nestling Cocoon (Millfield Summer Show, Atkinson Gallery); ran numerous workshops with children and adults (including Larmer Tree Festival); took part in Somerset Art Weeks at Stoberry Park, Wells and now preparing for our next ‘Scraptorzoic Era’ landscape with the Scraptors at the Magdalen Project, Somerset/Dorset – planned for 2012.  

Other projects for the coming year include a Solo Exhibition ‘Case Space’ at Bruton Museum (Feb) and the Summer Exhibition at Bishops Palace Gardens, Wells.  More Exhibitions are in the pipeline – to be confirmed soon.

Below are some images of work created in 2011 (for further details visit

Cloudless Sulphur Detail




Hello Autumn

All my Exhibitions are now over for a while.  I took down two last week and two yesterday – the largest being our Scraptors Sculpture Trail at Stourhead (a mammoth operation, but all went smoothly).  The de-installations distinctly  marked the passing of summer.  I’m very pleased to report several sales – some big (my scrap steel Heron will have a lovely new home shortly with large pond, rushes, chickens, ducks and bees) – and commissions to keep me busy and the household fed ’til winter.  

I managed to visit three Somerset Art Weeks venues in between manning our own at Stoberry Park, and was blown away by a couple of artists’ work.  Rowena Pearce‘s (Shave Farm Studios, Bruton) woodcut prints/paintings/handmade booklets on photosynthesis, worms and ants were beautiful (and conceptually just up my street).  Her husband’s poetry features within her work creating a perfect union.  Hiro Takahashi‘s intricate ceramic sculptures are also fascinating objects – I love the concept of her soul houses as “symbols of refuge”.  My Cocoons are rooted along similar lines.

Our Scraptors group are planning two new Trails in the South West.  We will be raising funds through crowd-financing – a great concept if it works!  We had such fantastic feedback for our Stourhead Trail and it seems to have been well-documented by visitors.  One photographer (Sally aka “moominmama’s handbag” – love the name!) has added lyrics from Joanna Newsom’s Bridges and Balloons song and poetry by Edward Lear to accompany her beautiful images (see below).  As Brian Eno suggested in an interview the other day – we are moving further towards a sharing, collaborative world and the ‘Big Society’ is already happening in forms we don’t even recognise.  There are whole new conversations taking place…

luminosity When awful darkness and silence reign Over the great Gromboolian plain, Through the long, long wintry nights;-- When the angry breakers roar As they beat on the rocky shore;-- When Storm-clouds brood on the towering heights Of the Hills of the Chankly Bore:-- Then, through the vast and gloomy dark, There moves what seems a fiery spark, A lonely spark with silvery rays Piercing the coal-black night,-- A Meteor strange and bright:-- Hither and thither the vision strays, A single lurid light.


“Yesterday I discovered by accident the scraptors trail at Stourhead,
and was bowled over. I saw it in the early evening light and it was
magical and magnificent. Congratulations to all of you for such an
inspiring collection of work, and especially to you for your organic
pieces which I loved. I hope Stourhead will display your work again,
and hope you’ll find other venues for it.”  Rosie Jackson

Stoberry Park and Muchelney Abbey – SAW

Today the sun came out at Stoberry park, Wells, in time for a visit from Wells Cathedral Junior School students – some with whom I’ve run workshops in the past.  It was lovely to see them all engrossed, discovering and drawing our sculptures around the extensive gardens – everything glimmering in the fresh sunlight (see images below).

My current work is divided between 4 events this month, the bulk of which features at Stoberry Park (venue 60 – Somerset Art Weeks – until 2 Oct) and the Scraptors’ Sculpture Trail at Stourhead (ongoing until 30th September).  In addition, I have a piece at Venue 28, Muchelney Abbey, showing alongside wire pieces by primary school students who worked with me on The Great Crane Project (until 2 Oct).  I will also be showing a couple of pieces at the Quartz Festival Art Exhibition, Taunton (29 Sept – 8 Oct).

Now that the hectic phase is almost over, I am starting to wind down and think… what luxury!  Exhibitions and commissions are great, but I’d also like to find time and headspace to explore new ideas and processes over the coming winter months without the pressures of too many deadlines.  Here’s hoping…

Somerset Art Weeks at Stoberry Park

It’s that time of year again when artists around Somerset gear up for the intensive fortnight, opening venues to show their art to members of the public from far and wide.  I will be exhibiting some pieces at Stoberry Park, Wells, together with Ian Marlow ARBS, Sonja Klingler, Alex Relph and Christine-Ann Richards.  We all specialise in 3-d work and the venue is perfect for this – set in stunning gardens with magnificent views overlooking Wells Cathedral, across to Glastonbury Tor and beyond.  Free-ranging sheep roam the lower acreage, which leads to large expanses of parkland, a lovely arboretum, large ponds and beautiful cultivated walled gardens near the main house.  The venue will be open to the public from Sunday 18 Sept – Sunday 2 Oct, 11am – 6pm.  It will be closed on Mondays and Thursdays.  The gardens will also be open for the National Garden Scheme – the last NGS event of the year (£3.50 to charity, children free). Refreshments will be available.

Stoberry Park, Stoberry House,
 Stoberry Park,
 BA5 3LD  is located just off A39 (Bristol road) on the outskirts of Wells. Turn into College Road and immediately left into Stoberry Park. Long drive (with free-roaming sheep).


Back is broken

I had probably over-booked myself for this past month.  Looking towards July, I dared not envisage the potential horrors of meeting so many deadlines, doing a good job, juggling work and home life… and surviving!

It’s certainly been a challenge.  My health has suffered a bit.  But a lot has been achieved and I won a prize along the way (Summer Show, Atkinson Gallery, Street)!  I really did think I’d broken my back (or near enough) at the end of last Friday’s stint at the Larmer Tree Festival, when Elaine (friend & helper) and I completed decorating my Chameleon sculpture with bottle tops – having worked on it all day with loads of kind, enthusiastic, hard-working adult participants, as part of the ‘Adornable Art’ drop-in workshops.  It was the culmination of a hectic week/fortnight/month for me, and we staggered away relieved, joyful, but on the verge of collapse!

Yesterday, after collecting Chameleon at the end of the Larmer Tree Festival, I took it to its next destination – the Devon Recycled Sculpture TRAIL – installing it in my favourite spot on Teignmouth seafront, with a view of the pier and sea.  My giant recycled Spider had pride of place there last year and I think Chameleon will be happy crouching there for the Summer.  My son and dog came with me and it felt like a mini break – walking along the seafront, collecting huge swathes of seaweed, flotsam and jetsam and breathing the sea air.

Several Exhibitions and Trails featuring my work are now ongoing or starting soon:  Blue Cedar Gallery, Glastonbury ’til end July;  Summer Show, Atkinson Gallery, Millfield, Street ’til 13 Aug;  Gants Mill, Bruton ’til end Aug; Devon Recycled Sculpture TRAIL, Teignmouth seafront ’til end Aug; Binham Grange Summer Exhibition, Minehead 6-29 Aug;  Sculpture Trail at Stourhead National Trust Estate, Wiltshire 1-30 Sept;  SAW at Stoberry Park, Wells 18 Sept-2 Oct;  Quartz Art Exhibition, Taunton 28 Sept – 6 Oct.

I have some exciting commission work next week in Kidderminster, creating two large insect sculptures with public participation.  It will mean a fair amount of commuting each day, but I feel I’ve broken the back of a gigantic dinosaur month!






PS  Had some great feedback from Larmer Tree:

 “…I think this was everyone’s fave WS – they all loved it and couldn’t stop talking about – I kept hearing about it on the grapevine, and when I saw it in situ it looked FANTASTIC – I was so, so pleased to see how well it all worked out, it’s one of the most impressive pieces of Adornable Art we’ve had in ages, so many thanks for that!”

Looking ahead – Exhibitions, Trails and salvage

Breaking into the New Year with a lighthearted, fun theme around the Gingerbread Man story, I’m making a 2-d colourful wire piece for display at Ginger Fig Gallery’s Celebration Gingerbread Man Project (end Jan – Feb).   A series of layered wire cocoons nestled in elegant, twisting vertical structures will hopefully then characterise a new series of work –  to be shown at Bridgwater Arts Centre in May (30 April – 26 May).  The title ‘Mystery and Mutability’ evokes concepts of change, growth, hidden worlds, emergence, ephemerality and transformation, which exist at the root of my cocoon pieces.  My sculptures will be shown together with Kitty Hillier’s beautiful carved and painted mixed media pieces.

In addition to exhibiting at Showborough House again this year (21 April – 12 June), Gants Mill, Bruton (April – September) and Bruton Art Trail (16 – 31st May), I will be  producing a new large recycled creation for Salvofair 2011 at Knebworth (24 – 26th June), followed by collaborative work with participants at the Larmer Tree Festival (July 15th) to create a large recycled Adornable Art piece for the Festival site.   As a member of Gallery4Art, I will feature in their annual Show at Binham Grange, West Somerset (7 – 27th August: and in September I will be taking part in a Sculpture Exhibition at Stoberry Park, as part of Somerset Art Weeks along with Ian Marlow, Alex Relph, Christine-Anne Richards and Sonja Klinger.

Stourhead (National Trust Estate, Wiltshire) has invited me and 3 other sculptors to create a Sculpture Trail in their landscape during September ’11.  The group of ‘Scraptors’ (Anthony Wilson, Paul Boswell, Rachel Macleay and me) are all dedicated to using scrap materials within their work. The purpose of the circular sculpture trail will be to publicize and enhance the wider estate of Stourhead, beyond the iconic lakeside, exploring themes connected with Stourhead, including its wildlife and iconography. The sculpture trail is part of a whole month of activity to find out what lies beyond the horizon and why it is there with the theme of “Beyond the Garden Gate”.  As visitors explore the garden throughout September the storyboard exhibition will reveal the significance of the views you see into the wider landscape. Discover what’s beyond the garden boundary, learn about the history of the landscape, its development and how the countryside areas of this vast estate are managed today.  Aiming to extend the fantasy and whimsy of the lakeside into the woods, the group intends to create a vibrant spectacle, a magical sense of ‘otherworldliness’ – appealing to both children and adults (see scraptors blog).

Looking ahead, I hope to continue evolving and developing my practice, reaching audiences further afield.  This may be enhanced during 2012, when I hold a Solo Exhibition in Bishops Palace Gardens, by Wells Cathedral (Spring – Autumn).  A fabulous venue for my sculptures, it will be a certain attraction for visitors to Wells during the Olympic season!