The tentacular are... fingery beings like humans... squid, jellyfish, neural extravaganzas, fibrous entities, flagellated beings... swelling roots... The tentacular are also nets and networks... Tentacularity is about life lived along lines ... a series of interlaced trails’ (Donna Haraway, 2016) 

Treating line as object, my work blurs boundaries between sculpture, drawing and installation. Connections between line, growth and energy, interconnections from micro to macro, and transformation are overarching themes in my work.

I tackle environmental issues. Pressing concerns about human exploitation of nature, (of which we are a part) and over-consumption inform the content, taking my work into the realm of artivism.  Rooted in anti-consumerism, my use of reclaimed and discarded materials relates to the issue of waste.  It belongs to a wider subject of our relationship with matter, nature, and ourselves.  

Materiality and process are central to my practice.  The work is hand-made and labour-intensive - the action of making often intuitive, time-consuming and repetitive.  Collecting materials is intrinsic to the process.  I approach materials as anti-hierarchical, upholding that ‘everything in life is in essence biological’ (Le Corbusier).