Press 2013 / by Fiona

Some articles below, related to my work: Wire Birds Workshop, Ash Primary School - Great Crane Project

Gallery4Art at Blackmore Farm - This is Somerset

Art in the Garden, Lanhydrock - National Trust website

Lanhydrock, Cornish Guardian, April '13

Lanhydrock - Cornish Guardian April '13

Art in the Garden, Lanhydrock - Museums in Cornwall website

Abundance Commission - SAW website

Abundance Trail  - SAW blog

SAW Abundance blog

Abundance Garden Trail - ArtsCulture

Esotera, Abundance Project - Country Living magazine

Esotera 1Esotera 2Esotera 3Esotera 4Esotera 5

Giant Spider at Widcombe Art Trail

Spider - Bath Chronicle

Artist on a Plinth - Somerset Standard

Artist on a Plinth article - Somerset Standard 1Artist on a Plinth article - Somerset Standard 2

Artist on a Plinth at Black Swan Arts

Take One Picture, National Gallery 

Evolver Prize

Evolver Prize 1Evolver Prize 2

Brief Art 2013

Avon & Somerset Police, Respect Workshops

Bristol Post, Rubbish to Art, Dreamscheme transforms rubbish to art

What's On Somerset

Nest on Spike (detail) illustrated

Somerset Art Weeks '13 by Rebecca Pow

Garden of Eden - Cultural Forum

A Garden of Abundance - Landscape Juice

Abundance Art/Garden Trail - Arts/Culture

Abundance Art/Garden Trail - Creative Somerset

Abundance Art/Garden Trail - Swindon does Arts

Somerset Art Weeks Festival '13 - Wells Life

Somerset Life, Sept '13

Somerset Life 1Somerset Life 2Somerset Life 3

Abundance Garden Trail - The Fine Times Recorder

Garden of Eden - Somerset Guardian

Garden of Eden - Artists Newsletter

Blurred Edges - Artists Newsletter

Blurred Edges - Somerset Life

Blurred Edges - Somerset Life

2d meets 3d - Bath Chronicle

Blurred Edges, Bath Chronicle

Blurred Edges - Landscape Juice

All Hallows Chronicle '13

All Hallows Chronicle '13